Audio Installations

Want to listen to music anywhere in the house? A wireless Sonos system may be the answer. But what is it, what can it do, and what are the alternatives? We're here to help.


In times gone by, listening to your entire music collection anywhere in your home involved overcoming some major logistical issues. You'd either need to move your sound system from room to room, put up with wires and cables trailing under doors and rugs and up the stairs, or you could spend a fortune on a custom install system.


The rise of digital and computer-based music made things easier by adding the element of portability to your audio collection. But that didn't solve the question of moving your system or trailing leads around the home. Then, along came the wireless revolution...


Bowers & Wilkins makes some of the world’s best Hi-Fi loudspeakers. You can also experience this sound quality from speakers that fit into the walls and ceilings of your home, taking up no floor space and which are almost completely invisible to the eye.


With a wide choice of high-performing options it is simple to design a system that perfectly meets your requirements, and with a choice of grilles, ultra-thin bezels and dark cone materials means a Bowers & Wilkins system integrates seamlessly into its environment.




Monitor Audio Ltd is a British owned and managed global specialist in hi-fi loudspeaker design. For over 40 years they've been incorporating stereo and surround sound systems and a range of sonically matched architectural speakers for ultra discreet high quality sound around the home and outside.


Whatever your taste and budget you'll discover a Monitor Audio speaker that answers your desire for great sound. Since hi-fi was in its infancy they've dedicated all their technical expertise, innovation and craftsmanship to the creation of world-class loudspeakers, which communicate the essence of our brand and reward the people who buy them. They want you to share and enjoy the blend of style, quality, performance and sophistication that makes Monitor Audio unique.